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Personalised badges from Shirtinator

Design your own personalised badges here and share your life motto, your WhatsApp status or a cool slogan with others. Back in the eighties, failing to wear a badge on your denim jacket was practically a fashion disaster! Apart from the famous Rolling Stones tongue and lips logo, marijuana plants and peace symbols were particularly popular. “Make love, not war!” or “Petting instead of Pershing” went brilliantly with long hair and Adidas sneakers. Now the little round slogan plaques are experiencing a revival.

Choose your badge

To begin with, choose a badge in your favourite colour and one of our three sizes. By the way: we only ship badges in batches of six. This means that you'll receive six copies of your personalised badge. Now go ahead and design your own badge.
Personalised badges

Choose a design for your badge

The “Add design” tab on the right-hand side of our Creator Tool offers plenty of inspiration. Choose a design and place it on your badge. Move it around to add some text. With our graphics tools, you can put your creativity into action in real time. You can simply delete whatever you don't like, change the size of your motifs and rotate or tilt them. Create your own design in a flash without losing track of the result.
Custom badges

Now add your own text to your badge

Simply go to the “Add text” tab and type away. Write your favourite slogan, a funny phrase or a provocative sentence. Change the text size, choose a font or a text effect and make the text appear in a funnel shape, as a wave or as a semi-circle. Take your time and try different designs until you're completely satisfied. If anything goes wrong, you can simply delete it again. Once you've arranged your motif and text and added creative effects, simply put your badges in the basket. As soon as you've completed the checkout process, it won't be long until your badges will be on their way.
Design your own badges
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