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Personalised embroidery from Shirtinator

Please note: We're sorry to let you know that embroidery is temporarily unavailable for our products. We're doing our best to be able to offer you this service again as soon as possible. Why don't you try the following printing methods as an alternative? Flex, Flock, Digital and Sublimation.

Embroidery isn't ironed onto the fabric but merged with its fibres. As a result, our personalised embroidery is very robust and can withstand numerous washes. The embroidered motif is slightly raised due to its closely interwoven threads. This makes for a beautiful, comfortable and high-quality look and feel.

Design your personalised embroidery in just a few steps.

Select an embroidery product

Embroidery is currently available for towels and caps only. Look for the embroidery icon at the top right of the product preview in our Creator Tool.

Personalised embroidery

Have your personalised text embroidered

You can enter the text to be embroidered in the “Text” tab. It'll appear on your selected product immediately and can be adjusted in just a few easy steps. There are various sizes (for technical reasons not as many as in textile printing) and thread colours to choose from for your embroidered text. Examples of embroidered texts include club names, company names, first names, slogans, sayings or your personal motto on your favourite product.

Pick a motif for your embroidery

You can either choose a motif or text for your embroidery. Shirtinator offers a range of motifs that can be embroidered. Unfortunately we can't embroider your own motifs at the moment – only customised text. So please pick one of our pre-defined designs from the “Motifs” tab.

Complete your purchase

Once you're happy with your selected embroidery and the design of your product, pop it in the basket. Select the right quantity and complete your purchase via the checkout.
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