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Personalised jigsaw puzzles from Shirtinator

Puzzle fans can now design their own personalised jigsaw puzzles. When we were little, we used to do jigsaw puzzles until our fingers went sore! Whether the large African theme, Winnetou and Old Shatterhand or the Gorch Fock: doing jigsaw puzzles was one of our favourite pastimes on rainy winter's evenings and boring bank holidays. On other occasions, we'd simply do them for the fun of it. But jigsaw puzzles are not just for kids! Putting them together bit by bit is a lot of fun, and there's nothing better than the sneaking pleasure of finding the elusive piece that belongs in the bottom left-hand corner! And for an extra bit of fun, you can get yourself a jigsaw puzzle that features your own design. So what are you waiting for? Design your personalised jigsaw puzzle here.

Pick the size of your jigsaw puzzle

Our jigsaw puzzles come in three standard sizes: A3 and A4; with 108 and 70 parts, respectively, and also a heart-shaped one with 120 parts. What format is best for you will, to some extent, depend on the resolution of your motif, but also a bit on the patience of the person the jigsaw puzzle is for.
Personalised jigsaw puzzles

Pick a design for your jigsaw puzzle

Ready to design your own personalised jigsaw puzzle? In the “Add design” tab of our Creator Tool, you'll find plenty of suggestions to choose from. Move your image across the puzzle, change its size and add your personal touch to the motif with our design tools. Let your creative juices flow and try all sorts of effects. If anything goes wrong, you can simply delete it.
Custom jigsaw puzzles

Add your own text to your jigsaw puzzle

Do you believe that words speak louder than images? If so, you might as well add some text! After all, piecing together an elaborate text is just as hard as putting together an image with lots of detail. It's also a great opportunity refresh your memory on a long forgotten classic like the Ten Commandments or a Shakespeare sonnet! Alternatively, you can simply add a personal message to the player. Customise and change the design of your text elements by using text effects, changing the font type or using graphic fonts. Once you're happy with the result, just put your jigsaw puzzle in the basket. As soon as you've completed the checkout process, it won't be long until your jigsaw puzzle will be on its way.
Design your own jigsaw puzzle
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